We Offer to young SMEs, reliable service of high quality, accessible, personalized through experienced and dedicated management experts to help them meet the challenges, succeed and grow their businesses in different stages of growth


Our Services

We are a team of experts, each one having 15 to 25 years of experience. We offer consulting services in various fields of business management: Marketing, Funding, IT, Accounting, Human Resources, Commercial Law, International Trade. 

We offer customized training courses on request. Our services are of high quality and affordable accommodation for our SMEs.
At the beginning of each month, we announced on our website promoting special packages.

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Financing plans for expansion or startup

Immigrants investors Program: Investissement Québec 

Credit Management and Working Capital

Factoring, R & D tax credits, private funding

Human Ressources 

Corporate Diversity Management
Conflict management and labor relationship 
Coaching, Career Training and Orientation 
Strategic Planning, Recruitment and Staffing


Planning of marketing strategies (Business Plan, Marketing Plan)
Survey on the needs of clients and target markets 
Managing diversity (cultural communities market) 
Transactional analysis databases (data mining)

Commercial Law

Incorporation, shareholder agreement 
Corporate and individual Taxation 
Purchase, sale, merger of companies 
Intellectual Property Protection

Data processing

Website creation, troubleshooting and mass-mailing 
Positioning SEO and advertising on the Internet
Maintenance and management of computer systems 
Supply management, sales and customer service,

International Business

Organizing trade missions to China 
Preparation, support and monitoring business contacts 
Negotiation of contracts (import, export, manufacture) 
Conclude transactions and translation of documents


Management and financial forecasting, budgetary and operational 
Fusion, transition, purchase and sale of business 
Bookkeeping, cost, working capital 
Corporate and individual Taxation


Our Team

We are a management consultants team who are experts and executives of experienced professionals, each one having 15 to 25 years of experience and know-how in business management.

  • In various fields of business management: marketing, , funding, IT, accounting, human resources, commercial law, international trade.

  • In the various sectors of the economy: manufacturing, private services, public services, health, education, energy, security, aerospace, etc.

FOUNDER: Mrs. Thu-Ha Tô, Bac Adm., M.A. Marketing

Mrs Thu-Ha Tô has a Bachelor of Administration of Laval University in 1971 and a Master of Arts in Marketing of University of Sherbrooke in 1973. Ms. Tô has over 20 years of experience in marketing, planning and management private and public companies in the sectors of energy, education and finance. Ms Tô have had a fruitful career at Hydro-Québec in various marketing functions such as strategic planning, surveys and market research, training of managers and employees, customer service and international trade. During the last 10 years, Ms. Tô worked primarily as a marketing consultant, administration and financing for various large enterprises, medium and small (eg. Evatec Group, Scotia McLeod, Desjardins, Bank of Montreal, M3i Systems Inc., In SGDL Systems, etc.).

Very involved in community activities and economic development. Ms. Tô organized in 1993 a South-Shore business Rendez-vous with the city of Brossard, BDC and the National Bank in order to bring together Chinese investors and Québec companies. She co-founded with Mr. Claude Thibault in 1991 the FORUM Customer service of cultural communities and was a close collaborator of the Forum (1991-1997) and president from 1997 to1999.

Financing : Performant companies recruited

Financing : Performant companies recruited

 Business opportunity for you ?

Do you know any performant and profitable businesses that need financing ? 
If so, please introduce them to us. 

 Our investors are looking for successful companies to invest in either equity or debt financing. On average, these investors have $ 100 million + in their portfolio.

Profile of the  successful companies we are looking for are:   
1- they have at least an annual income of 1 million + and are at the leading edge in cutting-edge sectors:IT, Cleantech, Energy, Fintech, Cryptomonnais, Real Estate, Life Sciences, Bio-medical, Robotics, Agribusiness with  evaluation of 15 millions. 
2- they seek to develop globally but are lacking capital (working capital) to make acquisitions, equipment purchases, increase their sales department and are lacking key business partners 
3 - their products are unique and patented 
4 - they want to eventually become public (IPO) 
5- they have experienced governance in their field 
6- they are not heavily indebted 
7- they have a minimum ROI of 25%  

If you know this kind of company looking for investment, please let us know at your convenience. It will be very appreciated.

Thanks and Best regards

Thu-Hà Tô, Présidente

COGI-PME INC , Financement & Gestion

Collaborateurs : Canada, USA, France, Chine, Viet-Nam

Membre : AMBAQ, CRIQ , Linkedin,

M: 514-804-0879, thuhato@cogi-pme.com,  www.cogi-pme.com