For the past 20 years, many professionals and managers left their employer massively, especially in the sectors of health and education. Several large and medium enterprises have also made significant layoffs of their experienced professionals and managers.

We know that the baby boomers will represent one third (1/3) of the population in 2025 and they represent 50% of the workforce in 2015 ! It would be a trend that would become a reality in the near future. It is therefore important to find a solution to remedy this problem of tomorrow's society. Moreover, it has already started to feel more and more the lack of skilled labor in certain sectors of the economy for the past five years. (*)

Thus was born the company COGI-PME Inc. which offers a solution to help solve this problem in part to the lack of skilled labor and also help young entrepreneurs to face the many challenges start growing their business.

See (*): "The entrepreneurial revolution to achieve with 50 and over", in Cyberpresse by LeSoleil , 23 May 2011: