May Duong worked in advertising for 10 years. Media Director, specializing in digital media agency Touché!, She is also a mother of a little girl of 4 years old. In May, she learned she had a relapse of leukemia when she was in remission.

To overcome her battle against cancer, May Duong needs a compatible donor stem cells. Being of Vietnamese origin, the challenge is even greater. According to figures published in an article in La Presse, Vietnamese donors represent only 1% of the stem cell donors in Canada. She appealed for help on July 4 to find potentiel  donor potential   ( Vietnamese, Chinese, Asian, or Philippines ) and encourage people to donate to save lives.

 There are three ways to make a donation of stem cells; by umbilical cord blood, bone marrow or peripheral blood. Those wishing to help and save Duong Mai’s life, should be under 50 of Asian origine (Vietnam , China, Asian, Philippines) can learn the process and then entered in the Register of stem cell donors. Please specify the name of Mai Duong on the registration form.

Only 19 per cent of bone marrow donors in Quebec are non-white. Just 4.7 per cent of blood donors in Quebec are of visible minorities. 1%  of the bone marrow registry is composed of Vietnamese people.

  •  Several initiatives have been implemented to support May Duong

    Please contact Hema-Quebec or the family  1-  An information session on July 13 given by Hema-Quebec cheek swab method used to test its compatibility as a stem cell donor.
      The "Save May Duong" Facebook page was created to inform the community of how to help.
  • 2-  A Hema-Quebec team will be present at a dragon boat competition on 26 and 27 July at the Olympic Basin to reach the Asian community in Montreal.

    4- A blood drive will be held at the Espace Infopresse July 30th in order to contribute to many transfusions that will be needed during May Duong treatments.
    5- Leaflets were distributed in beauty salons in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver to find donors.
    6- Advertising posters announcing the collection of blood were placed in agencies Montreal.
    Christiane Rochon of Rinaldi agency is at the heart of the countryside stem cells circulating in the media and the collection of blood, assisted by

Vanessa Jordan Cossette, both long-time friends of Mai Duong








请与赫马魁北克或家庭1 - 7月13日的信息会被用来测试其作为干细胞供体的相容性赫马魁北克面颊拭子法给出。
  “保存五月平阳”的 Facebook 页面是为了告知如何帮助社会。
•2 - 一个赫马魁北克团队将出席在奥运盆地26和7月27日在龙舟竞赛达到亚裔社区在蒙特利尔。

4 - 献血活动将在协商Infopresse7月30日,为了促进这一将在五月平阳治疗需要许多输血举行。
5 - 单张分布在美容院在蒙特利尔,多伦多和温哥华找到捐赠者。
6 - 广告招贴宣布采血被安置在机构的蒙特利尔。