BUSINESS. "People make recycling of paper, water and plastic, why not gray matter ? "Exclaims the Brossardoise Thu Ha Tô, explaining how was created her company COGI-PME in 2011.

Three years later, 48 people from different backgrounds working for the consortium of experts in the fields of business management: marketing, human resources, business law, computer science, accounting, international trade and financing.

"We are now consultants Desjardins to get customers of different cultural communities," said Thu Ha Tô after a conference in front of a half-dozen players business, including a new recruit, a lawyer Chinese, Fu Ying, author of 21 books on Chinese law.

After a 21 year career as a lawyer in Beijing, where Fu Ying worked as a consultant for many departments and ministries of the Chinese government, it now devotes his energies to complete his bar in the country. Then she wants to apply to help entrepreneurs and families to more easily integrate into Quebec society.

Helping immigrant investors
Arrived in Quebec two years ago, Ying Fu   spoke no word neither French nor English, felt like a deaf and dumb. Now she masters the language of Shakespeare 80% and a few words in French ( that of Molière. )

The lady of 44 years married to an artist who helps him refine her texts. She gave birth to a boy, now aged 22, after the events of Tiananmen Square in 1989, so a new generation of Chinese.

I intend to develop business with investor immigrants, those already living here or about to come, who have capital and want to invest abroad, thanks to my influence and my books. Fu Ying, herself is an immigrant-investor.

Ying Fu built an online forum that  provides advices for education, law enforcement and social problems, followed by nearly 2 million subscribers. Thu Ha Tô therefore speak of Mrs Fu as an influential woman.
"We are very pleased and honored by her presence," said the Thu-Ha.

At a conference of COGI-PME in Brossard, Fu Ying recalled that between 2005 and 2011, she was invited on national television to give her legal advice to the general public.

"Investors have money, but do not know how and what to do, she says. Many are making a fortune in real estate and looking for good projects to invest, but they are often cautious people who need to establish a relationship of confidence as they sometimes have been cheated in the past. "

Mrs Fu knows the legislative nuances, the Chinese mentality and claimed to be able to help more community and entrepreneurs to do business and invest in the country.

What does COGI-PME mean ?
Consultants  of Intergenerational Management to help SMEs (Small and Medium entreprises).
The letter “I”   also mean  International and Intercultural.